Skagway.  Susan McClory, 2017

Skagway. Susan McClory, 2017

Change at ColorModern.

I took most of August off to travel and think. Alaska was transformative in ways still revealing. Most notable, black and white photography. I shot what I liked, without regard for critics, curators, or marketing. These personal photos are significantly higher quality than previous public color work. Less is more.

Yet, the black and white images do not fit the ColorModern brand. How to reconcile the two? 

"ColorModern", the business and brand has ceased. I formally closed ColorModern, today. Not a sustainable business and the brand was poorly conceived and executed. A learner's project that never took off. Not for lack of effort and attention, never got traction.  

Sometimes, teardown is the only viable option.

Raze it to Raise it, again.  

Eponymous rebranding is in progress. Fewer layers. Improved craftsmanship. More personal. Expect some color pieces, but "cleaner". The Instagram account has changed to @susan_mcclory. Website to follow. 

ColorModern site will be operational for a few more weeks. Unspooling a business, exhibiting in a show ( High Arts Festival) , and working on solos shows means keeping this site up and running through the duration. New site scheduled to be operational by end of October, 2017. 

Thank you, for following and subscribing to ColorModern. 

I will make the new site's URL available when known.